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Who are we?

ocs_01International Facilities Services

OCS is the largest privately-owned International Facilities Services Group based in The United Kingdom which serves international offices in over 20 countries worldwide with over 110 years of experience in facilities services.

OCS, branded in Thailand and other South Asian and South East Asian nations as Property Care Services (PCS) offers a full facilities management services. These leading edge systems have been developed with support from OCS to deliver consistent high quality services throughout the region.

Total Facilities Management (TFM)

tfmTFM encompasses everything needed to provide services for living, working, healthcare, education, industrial production, commercial development, retailing, utilities, transportation and other infrastructure, sports and leisure, entertain ment and communication undertakings.

How does TFM work for you?

tfm_how_we_workTFM works in accordance with three concepts, including ‘single point of contact’, ‘cost-savings and service delivery improvement’ and ‘bespoke, client focused outsourcing solutions.’ TFM congregates all the facilities services under an on-site TFM Manager, who oversees the work-flow from; day-to-day operation, identification of cost saving initiatives, service delivery improvement, energy savings, environmental initiatives,and other related issues. Our skills, resources, process and technology are developed in order to serve any client’s specific requirements.

In addition, the client’s representative will be provided with robust management information to ensure client control and engagement in order to deliver the highest standard of facilities management.

How are we different?

Self-Delivery Services

Self - Delivery allows us to control and integrate the workforce and to reduce the total charge to the client, which leads to the benefits of cost efficiency due to no margin-on-margin and only one TFM manager.

Best Practices from OCS UK focusing on three major areas

Resources - Experienced team, Shared experts, Skill development
Standard & Policy - Training & Continuous Improvement
Technology - VJeb-based tools (CAFM) & Electronic security system

Wide Range of Service Sectors

We currently serve wide range of customers in various industries: Education, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial, Residential.

What are your benefits?

tfm_what_are_benefitsTFM by OCS can provide the ultimate TFM outcome for organisations with superior facilities management systems which will help clients improve on in-house quality, increase and save management time. OCS employs Specialists who know how to support clients at the right point so allowing them to concentrate on their core business whilst benefiting from worldwide best practices leading to tailored, flexible solutions and a reduction in total costs.