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Khun Sebastian on Nation Channel

Khun Sebastian talks on Daily News TV about TFM services.

Speech Day 2012 at Harrow International School. PCS services and employees feature in the video.

A Video introducing the New OCS TFM (Total Facilities Management) Service for Thailand. The TFM Service brings the PCS group of services both Hard & Soft services together so that our customers have a single point of contact for all the services needed to maintain the building. The PCS group of services covers Security, Janitorial, Cannon Hygiene, Cannon Pest Management, Gardening, Electronic Security, Maintenance & Engineering by CominAsia and Catering by Foodhouse our Joint Venture with S & P.

Khun Sebastian our Director, Business Development & Regional Account Management has had an interview with Thai-OZ (English TV. Program) on NBT Channel entitled "PCS Recovery Service" on Thursday 2, February 2012

PCS Precision Flying Event held in Pattaya

K. Narumon Tan, was invited to talk on the Chung Ku TV show (Home & Food Channel) She discusses recovery services and best practices for cleaning up after the recent flooding.

K. Thana, Managing Director of PCS Thailand, gives an interview on Smart Life Smart CEO, about the high demand for cleaning services now that flooding has receded in many affected areas.

K. Thana discuss the current flood situation and the risks associated with prolonged inundation. PCS offers comprehensive services for cleanup and restoration of domestic and industrial sites.

Khun Thana of PCS Thailand speaks about ongoing recovery efforts by PCS. Home safety, clean up, and business support are just a few topics discussed.

Khun Sebastian Power, Director of Business Development & Regional Account Management at PCS Thailand, talks with Thai PBS about the flooding situation along with cleanup efforts.