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PCS expands its news business to cover real estate after flood disaster

Mr. Thana Thiramanus, Managing Director of Property Care Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd., (PCS) said “Industrial estates, factories, homes, department stores, retail shops and government offices need to recover quickly after the disastrous floods and resume business as soon as possible.
We have several joint ventures with other businesses to meet the growing demand in the real estate industry. We'll help restore land and machinery that was damaged from flooding. We also provide other services such as construction, restoration, cleaning, disinfection and security.
We are targeting more than 100 existing clients who have been affected by flooding such as factory owners, business owners, department stores and industrial estates. Our second target is consumers that can increase our market share. Our marketing plan is to advise home owners and increase public relations efforts about our services directly to consumers."
“We've lost around 10 million baht from October–November because business interruptions in the areas affected by flooding. We expect to compensate by focusing on new business to reach our goal of 4 billion baht in revenue this year, a growth of 8% from last year” Mr. Thana added.
However, we have organized “PCS volunteer activities” to help the communities and government recover and find work for people who have been affected by the flood disaster.